DELF and DALF 2019

DELF Tous Publics (adults)
From 11th to 15th March 2019:

  1. DELF A1 Monday, March 11
  2. DELF A2 Tuesday,March 12
  3. DELF B1 Wednesday,March 13
  4. DELF B2 Thursday,March 14
  5. DALF C1 Friday,March 15

From 10th to 14th June 2019: 

  1. DELF A1 Monday, June 10
  2. DELF A2 Tuesday, June 11
  3. DELF B1 Wednesday, June 12
  4. DELF B2 Thursday, June 13
  5. DALF C1 Friday, June 14

From 3rd to 9th September 2019: 

  1. DELF A1 Tuesday, Sept. 3
  2. DELF A2 Wednesday, Sept. 4
  3. DELF B1 Thursday, Sept. 5
  4. DELF B2 Friday, Sept. 6
  5. DALF C1 Monday, Sept. 9

From 2nd to 6th December 2019: 

  1. DELF A1 Monday, December 02
  2. DELF A2 Tuesday,December 03
  3. DELF B1 Wednesday,December 04
  4. DELF B2 Thursday,December 05
  5. DALF C1 Friday,December 06

DELF JUNIOR (A1 to B2), 2019
DELF junior is a special version in which themes used are chosen to suit preadolescent and adolescent candidates.

  1. DELF A1 Monday, April 8
  2. DELF A2 Tuesday,April 9
  3. DELF B1 Wednesday, April 10
  4. DELF B2 Thursday,April 11

DELF Examinations

DELF CIEPTest and certify your French-language skills with the DELF (diplôme d’études en langue française: for beginners and intermediate-level learners) and DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française: for advanced learners) examinations. In 2015, the DELF and DALF examinations were available in 173 countries.

All of the examinations have been designed to reflect the principle of action used by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which defines users of a language as social actors who have tasks to perform (that are not only linguistic) in given circumstances, in a given environment and within a specific area of action, which may be personal, public, academic or professional.

The examinations were therefore created to include the four skills at every level, with varying degrees of interaction and mediation required depending on the level. A mark of at least 50/100 is required in order to be awarded the diploma.

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